Vintage Convertible Engagement Session in Malibu

February 15, 2024 , Couples

Couple's vintage convertible engagement photos

When my clients told me that they wanted to take some vintage convertible engagement photos with a coastline vibe, I immediately knew we’d end up in Malibu. Alexandra & Eric rented a white 1987 Mercedes for the engagement session. We took a drive north of Los Angeles, stopping at a few of my favorite scenic spots along the way. Malibu is a feast for the eyes, and there’s good reason why it’s so iconic. More than just the waves and beaches it’s best known for, it also has a diverse and rugged landscape. The rocky cliffs and grassy hills are some of my favorite, and there are so many beautiful, quiet places despite the popularity.

First, we perched up on an overlook to enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific. Even on a Sunday afternoon, we had it to ourselves. We took some photos with the car before driving farther north to one of my favorite beaches. Alex told me that she and Eric love the ocean but aren’t “beach” people, so I brought them to Leo Carillo. After a little car picnic, we explored the rocky outcrops and watched the light change. California truly showed off for us! A bright orange and pink sunset turned into a deep lavender dusk. Truly a perfect ending, especially with the convertible’s headlights as our last light. I absolutely loved taking these photos, a mix of film and digital.

Can’t wait to photograph Eric & Alex’s wedding this summer at The 1909, a gorgeous southern California wedding venue in Topanga!

Couple sitting during vintage convertible engagement by ocean overlook

Couple kissing during vintage convertible engagement session

Film photo of couple in vintage convertible engagement by ocean

Couple sitting in vintage car by ocean overlook

Hills of Malibu and couple sitting in convertible

Couple sitting on vintage convertible during engagement session

Vintage Mercedes convertible and couple sitting with view

Stylish couple with vintage convertible in front of ocean vista

Cinematic portrait of couple sitting on car hood by the ocean

Couple cuddling by ocean on car

Couple with vintage convertible during enagement session in Malibu

Couple sitting with car at Malibu overlook

Couple laughing with classic car by ocean

Film photo of couple at ocean vista

Couple at ocean vista during vintage car engagement photo shoot

vintage convertible engagement session on 35mm film

Couple walking towards car

Woman getting in classic convertible by the ocean

Vintage car engagement photos in Malibu leaning out of car

Vintage convertible engagement picnic with champagne

Vintage convertible engagement  picnic in parking lot by beach

Champagne picnic on vintage convertible engagement session

Couple laughing with champagne sitting on Vintage convertible engagement

Couple toasting with champagne glasses

Couple having car picnic in Malibu

Couple walking by grassy hills

Couple walking by grassy hills in California

Couple holding hands and walking on cliffs by ocean

Couple laughing in front of ocean cliffs

Couple by the sea

Pink clouds and dusk over rocky coast

Couple at sunset by rocky coast

Couple laughing by coast

Couple fixing hair on rocks

Couple standing near rocky coastal overlook

Couple on rock cliffs above ocean

Couple at sunset enjoying coastline view

Moody couple with ocean view

Couple laughing in front of seascape

Couple hugging by coastline

Couple smiling during sunset

Lifeguard tower in Malibu with couple hugging

Couple at sunset walking on rocky ocean cliffs

Pink sky sunset over ocean with couple and bird

Dress blowing in wind with ocean waves

Orange and pink sunset over rocky coast

Couple watching sunset over rocky cliffs in Malibu

Couple sitting on rock cliffs in Malibu

Couple at sunset on cliffs

Sea spray on rocks

Couple snuggling on windy cliffs

Sun setting on Malibu rocky coastline

Couple watching ocean sunset with lens flares

Couple with vintage convertible engagement photos

vintage convertible engagement session at night

Couple holding hands in front of vintage car headlights

Cinematic vintage convertible engagement photo at night

Couple kissing in front of car headlights

Direct flash couple kissing in front of vintage convertible and dark sky

Couple walking vintage convertible session by ocean

Couple getting into vintage car at sunset

Vintage convertible engagement session at sunset in Malibu

If you’re getting married in California and a vintage convertible engagement session is your vibe, get in touch – I’d love to photograph you!