A Philly Free Library Rooftop Wedding - Emily & Tim

January 9, 2020 , Weddings

Folks, buckle up for this one – this post is really long, but REALLY good. Emily and Tim had the ultimate summer party: a Free Library rooftop wedding under the open sky. Sometimes I get jealous of my peers who live in zero humidity cities with minimal bad weather (looking at you, LA). Philly isn’t exactly known for having temperate summers, but on this August day we lucked out. I hear a lot of couples tell me “ideally we’d love for everything to be outside,” but they get nervous and/or pressured into booking an indoor venue. Listen, I totally get it. However, hopefully this stunner under a beautiful blue sky convinces more of you to risk it for the biscuit. Because that biscuit is damn good.

When all the stars align magically – or, really, due to good planning, good attitudes, and a solid vendor line-up – the night flies by, even for me. At the end of this wedding I couldn’t believe the time. I generally have fun at weddings but something about a relaxed and fun outdoor jam is really, well…my jam. Emily and Tim both got ready for the day in light-filled, thoughtful locations: him at their home, her at the always amazing Lokal Hotel. I particularly loved Emily’s gift exchange with her dad! As you can see below, she gave him a very well-timed handkerchief. The ceremony was at one of my favorite local spots: Head House Square, and we did portraits at the cutest ivy-lined side streets nearby. Finally, the reception is best described by simply showing the photos below, but if I had to sum it up, it was a Lizzo-singing, Truly-drinking, filled with laughter kind of a night. Tim and Emily, can we do it again? Building a time machine ASAP!

Vendor Love: