DTLA Loft Wedding with Modern Industrial Romantic Vibes

September 21, 2023 , Weddings

Recently I had the pleasure of working a gorgeous DTLA loft wedding in the heart of Los Angeles. It was my first time working at The Revery, a stunning multi-floor space downtown. On the ground floor, concrete and textured walls enclose an open-air ceiling with views of ever-blue skies. Upstairs, a classic loft space with factory windows is a photographer’s dream for making timeless portraits.

When you think of California weddings, you probably picture palm trees, ocean views, wineries, and primarily outdoor spaces. That’s what makes it so refreshing to work in a modern, minimalist space. The Revery has a classic, effortless sense of cool, and provides the perfect canvas to put your custom stamp on.

For this wedding, I shot a mix of digital and film throughout the day, hence the variety you might notice throughout. I’ve been incorporating film more and more into my wedding work, but I never try to force my digital and film photos to look the same. Personally, I like them to show off their own unique personalities. Digital tends to have a clean, crisp look, while film is messy, imperfect, and inherently nostalgic. You can see some of my favorite film photos here!

More from this DTLA loft wedding below, from the beginning. Images shot for the incomparable Kristen Marie Parker, one of my photography heroes!