Asbury Park Wedding at Cross & Orange and Porta Pizza

February 18, 2020 , Weddings

This summer, Maggie & Tyler had an epic Asbury Park wedding with two parts. Wanting to mix casual and low key with an absolute banger of a dance party, they opted to go the non-traditional route and do both (can I get an amen). I’ve seen more and more two-part weddings lately, and I’m really hoping it becomes the next big wedding trend, along with capes and unique suit colors (see below).

First, the day started off with a morning ceremony outdoors and a laid back brunch at Cross & Orange. Afterwards, we wandered around Asbury Park for portraits among the town’s famous architecture and murals. Maggie and Tyler love color, character, and the beach (their engagement session was in Rockaway!), and we made some of my all-time favorite portraits on the boardwalk. Since Tyler is an amazing photographer himself, I knew this would be one for the books.

Finally, the second part of the wedding day got me particularly excited, because how often does my work day involve photographing a literal pizza party? At Porta, they threw a full-on dance party complete with a DJ in a Fred Flintstone costume, a jumprope/limbo bar made from dish rags, and impromptu karaoke. Consequently, “Gloria” is still stuck in my head ever since Maggie & co. serenaded the crowd with it. I’m not mad about it.

What Makes a Great Wedding Great?

People ask me often what my favorite weddings are, and why. That’s easy. It’s all about attitude. M&T are a great example of what I mean. I don’t think I ever saw them not smiling. Truly, it’s not the stylish outfits, the unique locations, or the “things” that make a wedding day amazing. It’s the people. I would describe Maggie and Tyler as two beams of light. They radiate such an infectious positive energy, and after a long day together, I felt energized just from being around them and their wonderful community. Their day was 100% about and for them, and there’s nothing better.

Finally, from the top, here’s Tyler and Maggie’s epic two-part Asbury Park wedding day.