Amanda & Max // a Dumbo, Brooklyn Engagement Session

October 25, 2016 , Couples

My favorite types of clients are the ones I can effortlessly hang out with over a drink or a cup of coffee. Or in the case of Amanda and Max, some Grimaldi’s pizza and root beer during their Dumbo Brooklyn engagement shoot. Since the time I first spoke to these two, I’ve been looking forward to photographing them. They’re smart, silly, stylish, and best of all, super into each other. One moment, they’re spontaneously fake flashing each other to try to make the other laugh. The next, they’re enjoying the view of Manhattan while the crowds around them disappear. Brooklyn was a great place for these guys to wander for photos, but honestly, I think they could have had a good time anywhere. As the Chris Garneau song goes, “I didn’t go to see the city, I went to see it around you.” New York was extra beautiful with these two lovers around.