Acadia National Park Elopement - Emily & Cory

September 6, 2023 , Elopements

Couple in Acadia national park elopement fog

The day before Emily & Cory’s Acadia National Park elopement, I scouted around Maine’s coastline, looking for secluded photo spots. Boats and birds were everywhere, and I soaked in the glorious sunshine. Well, nature had other plans for us, and the next day, Bar Harbor was blanketed in a thick layer of fog. I wasn’t sure what the spots we picked would look like without sunshine, but I should have known it would be something special. The fog turned the cliffside into the most dreamy ethereal atmosphere.

Since E&C had already gotten legally married, our time in Maine was mostly for celebration and capturing memories. They love hiking and visiting national parks together, so it was the perfect setting for some portraits of them in their element. What’s better than a picnic and exploring tide pools? I had a blast taking candid photos, alongside vendor pals The Breiters, who shot video. We explored until the sun went down and turned the fog a deep royal blue.

Elopements have a special place in my heart. After years of photographing elopements, Ross & I eloped on a rocky coast, too. Private celebrations are so intimate and beautiful, and there are truly a million ways to make them totally your own.

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