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Joanna & Zac // an Outdoor Autumn Lakeside Wedding at Pocono Springs Camp

Camp weddings have my heart forever. I know, I know, I say this about every type of wedding I shoot, but camp weddings really are a personal favorite. Though my business and my work might evolve over the years, I’ll never stop loving outdoor weddings, and when your venue is a campground, it’s easy to see why. Pocono Springs Camp is a newer wedding location, and for Joanna and Zac, it was perfect. They said their vows privately in a tucked-away corner near the lake, married on the sprawling open field, and danced the night away in the longhouse, which doubles as the cafeteria during summer camp season. After the ceremony, Zac and Joanna got into a canoe just for the fun of it, and we got some of my more adventurous photos of the year (thanks feet, for being anchors when we couldn’t find a real one).

It was an emotional day for everyone around – something that I as a photographer love to capture. The combination of vulnerability and a completely unique day led to some of my favorite photos of my career. The intimate vows made for tears and open-mouthed laughter, which I think a lot of couples try to suppress when they’re standing in front of a hundred people. The circling rituals that Joanna and Zac both did (taken from other cultures) had me crying, thankful for my camera’s autofocus. The whole day was an honor to be a part of, the type of wedding that really makes me feel so honored to get to do this for a living, and once again I am reminded that at the core of my work, at the heart of business, it’s all about the people.

Here’s what their day looked like, from the beginning.